It can be tempting as a homeowner to try and tackle many routine maintenance and repair tasks on your own. Although this is sometimes a good idea, your home's heating system isn't well suited to DIY maintenance if you aren't skilled at the task. There are quite a few reasons why you should call in a professional contractor for heating system services instead.

1. Work Guarantees

Even a skilled professional can sometimes make mistakes. A professional heating contractor should guarantee their work. In the event that the problem becomes worse or something goes wrong following the repair, your contractor will likely cover the labor and possibly even the parts to make the problem right. If you make a mistake, there is no such guarantee on your work.

2. Cost Savings

It can be easy to decide a pro cost more since you are paying for both parts and labor, but don't minimize the cost of your time. A professional repair may take less than an hour, which means minimal labor charges. As a novice, the same repair may cost you several hours or even a couple of days of time — and time is often worth more than money. Further, novice repairs can also result in further damage if something goes wrong, so a cheap fix can quickly become quite expensive. 

3. Better Safety

There are real safety hazards when working on any heating system. The risk of electrical shock is present with most furnace types, especially if repairs are needed for heating elements or ignition systems. There is also burn risks when working on some components. Boiler-type furnaces may have the greatest risk to personal safety, as pressure problems can lead to explosions and even death.

4. Danger Prevention

Gas furnaces have the extra threat of possible gas leaks or damage that leads to carbon monoxide production. Novice repairs on electric furnaces aren't free of danger, either. Trying to repair electrical wiring can lead to the risk of an electrical fire. For the sake of safety, it is generally recommended to leave most furnace repairs to a trained heating contractor. 

5. Warranty Requirements

For those that have a newer furnace that is still under warranty, you may be required to use a licensed heating contractor for all repairs and maintenance during the warranty period. Failure to do so may void the warranty. The same is true if your furnace is covered under a larger umbrella home warranty, as well.

Contact a heating contractor in your area if your furnace needs service or repair.