If you rely on a water well to get clean water into your home, you likely appreciate the convenience and money savings it offers your family. Your well has to be properly maintained to prevent well repair issues. Sometimes issues arise that are related to the age of a well or critical parts of the system such as the well pump. To keep your well functioning and deliver safe water to your home you need to get routine inspections. It is also important to get repairs as recommended and to treat all abnormal signs of your well's performance as emergencies. The following points identify three critical factors that can interfere with a well's performance.

Power Issues

Most modern well pumps require electricity to operate. Some homeowners might have hand pumps on their properties to use as a backup option to get water. If there are issues with electricity getting to an electrical or solar pump, they cannot perform. Electrical issues can be simple or complex. A simple issue might involve the circuit breaker responsible for the well pump tripping. You should always check your circuit breaker first. Solar pump issues or electrical pump power issues need to be addressed through well pump services, which can be provided by a plumber. They can troubleshoot and diagnose power issues. Sometimes a well repair can correct power issues. Well pumps that have reached the end of their lifespan or have significant damage may need to be replaced.

Well Pump Size

The size of your well pump will determine its output capabilities. Perhaps the pump was appropriately sized at the time of the installation. However, lifestyle changes and making amendments to a property can create a need to use more water. Examples of circumstances that could warrant a need for a larger, upgraded well pump are new livestock, new appliances that use water, more people living in a home, and bathroom or kitchen additions and upgrades.

Pressure Issues

The well pump in systems works with the pressure tank to get water into homes. If the pressure tank does not produce adequate pressure, the well pump's ability to pump water into a home will be diminished. Low-pressure problems can happen gradually or seemingly out of nowhere. This is why declining pressure issues should be noted and referred to a plumber to inspect. If a pressure pump fails completely, it will render the well's pump useless until a well repair is performed.