If you have a larger bathroom, then you can expand your shower space by setting up a double shower. With a double shower, you have a larger shower cubicle or space that holds two individual showerheads. Two people can fit in the shower at the same time.

What are the advantages of installing a double shower?

1. Share Showers In Comfort

Regular showers aren't really designed for more than one person. You might not be able to relax in the shower together if your space is tight, claustrophobic, and cramped. This might turn into more of an irritating experience than a relaxing or intimate one.

If you like to share showers with your partner, then you get some immediate benefits from installing a double shower. You both get more space. You can get close or shower in your own individual space. You can share one showerhead or have one each. You have room to move without invading each other's space.

2. Avoid Family Shower Queues

If multiple people want to take a shower at the same time, say in the mornings before work and school, and you only have one bathroom, then your mornings might be stressed and fractious.

You'll have a queue of people waiting to use the shower. People won't be happy if someone stays in there too long. You might run late for work, and your kids might be late for school if you don't all time your showering to a strict schedule. You might have to get out of bed earlier than you'd like just to keep things moving.

If you install a double shower, then you reduce some of this stress. You and your partner can shower together. If you have young kids, then they can go in together or with one of you. Every shower you share is one less shower you need to take. Your morning routine can become easier and less stressful.

3. Use Different Shower Heads

If you yearn to use different showerheads, then a double shower gives you more options. You also get to please more people if they like different types.

For example, you can put in a regular shower head for general use and a rainfall or spa shower for times when you want to luxuriate in the water. People can pick and choose which shower they use. If you set your heads up on opposite sides of the shower, then one person could even use two different heads at the same time if you can angle them.

To find out more about the benefits of installing a double shower, contact your plumber. They can help you configure your bathroom to create a larger shower space and install it for you.