If you find water around the base of your boiler, the first thing you may do is panic. A leaking boiler is the last thing you need to deal with now. Before you panic about your boiler, call a plumber. A plumber can find and repair the problem behind your leaking boiler. Below are two reasons boilers leak and what you can do about them.

Pressure Loss

Many homeowners still depend on boiler systems to maintain their homes. But as with any appliance, boilers can leak over time. Some types of boiler leaks can be minor and easily ignored. Other leaks can be serious enough to require immediate repairs. One of the most common reasons boilers leak is lost pressure.

To keep from exploding or causing other problems for you, your boiler must periodically release pressure throughout the day. The appliance uses a small, unsealed pipe called an outlet to release the pressure inside it. As the pipe releases pressure, it can drip small amounts of water onto the floor.

Use a mop to clean up the flooring around your boiler. If the floor remains dry after you mop it, there is likely not a serious issue with your boiler. If the floor becomes wet after you clean it, then check the fittings on the appliance. 

Loose Fittings

Fittings keep your boiler safe when you use it. If the fittings loosen up from pressure, heat, or another reason, they will allow water, steam, and other forms of moisture to seep out of the appliance. Loose fittings may be potentially dangerous if they allow hot water or steam to leave your boiler. 

If you can, check the fittings on your boiler. If the pieces feel or look loose, call a plumber. Although you can tighten some of the fittings, you may not be able to secure all of them. A plumber can also find out why the fittings loosened up in the first place. 

The first thing a contractor might do is check the pressure levels on your boiler. If the pressure is low, then the appliance has a serious leak to repair. The leak could be due to a damaged pressure relief valve. 

The pressure relief valve works with the outlet pipe to release pressure from your appliance. If the valve malfunctions, it won't open up and allow pressure to exit the outlet pipe. The pressure will remain inside your boiler instead. A plumber will need to replace the valve if it no longer functions properly. 

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