Unexpected sewer leaks can disrupt homes and businesses and cause serious damage to structures and landscapes. However, sewer damage does not often occur without notice. Pipe bursts and leaks often have identifiable causes. Below are five sewer risks you should know to contact sewer repair services to handle.


One of the greatest dangers is the roots of trees, which go wild all year round and look for food and water. Tree roots develop along the sewer line and can cause serious and costly damage.

Roots infiltrate and clog a pipeline over time. This is why it's critical to partner with an experienced plumber who offers sewer line repair services—they will trace the roots and cut the mother tree. They can also install a wall barrier to stop the roots from spreading.

Holes and Cracks in Aged Pipes

If your sewer lines are aged, they may have developed cracks or holes that leak sewage. Some leaks can go unnoticed for a long time and cause extensive damage. Metal pipes are vulnerable to corrosion, which can cause holes.

Old plastic pipes can crack from brittleness. Today, the efficient and long-lasting solution to this problem is trenchless pipe repair using pipe bursting or pipe relining.

Grease Blockages

Organic blockages are very common because the sewer line is the disposal route for organic waste, including food scraps, hair, and grease. Sewer line repair services use plumbing snakes to clear minor blockages and hydro jetting for stubborn blockages.

You can also avoid these types of blockages by installing drain protection devices. These devices keep out organic materials from the plumbing and reduce clogging.

Frozen Pipes

Call your local plumber before it becomes too cold if freezing temperatures become part of your winter weather forecast. A frozen sewer line can lead to problems, including busted pipes. A plumber can prevent this problem by installing insulating material to prevent weather exposure.

Pipe Collapse From Heavy Weight

Sometimes sewer lines lay in the path of vehicle traffic and become vulnerable to damage from the crushing force of the vehicle passing over them. The long-term solution is to place lines deeper or protect them with a trench.

A burst sewer line can make your property unusable, so you should take quick action to handle threats that can cause problems. Call sewer line repair services to assess and repair sewer line problems as soon as they emerge to restore the full function of your sewer system. 

For more information, contact a local sewer line repair company.