As a handy homeowner, you might be wondering whether you should handle repairs personally or seek professional intervention. After all, you own a basic plumbing kit sitting in the garage waiting for a moment like this. While repairing minor issues can seem like a good idea, you may encounter major issues like an exploded valve. 

Essentially, you shouldn't handle any plumbing issues without a professional's input. A botched DIY plumbing repair can trigger blockage, extreme leaks, or irreparable damage. Below are common plumbing repairs best handled by a reputable local plumbing company. 

Gas Installation and Faulty Gas Lines Repair

Using gas to power your appliances and home is safe. An unobstructed natural gas supply is essential regardless of whether you live in an apartment or own a home. Since the gas is highly flammable, you need a professional plumber for gas line installations and repairs because even the slightest mistake can lead to fatalities. Contact your emergency plumber immediately if you detect a sulfur-like smell in your home. It may imply you have a leak, which exposes your family to the risk of inhaling lethal gas. A licensed plumber will also help you avert probable fire outbreaks. 

Leaky Toilet

When you notice a leaky toilet, the last thing you should do is think about fastening the bolt nuts beneath the tank. This is because items can take a turn for the worse if the toilet base is leaking. You will need a professional plumber to determine the root cause of the problem and execute the repairs. The good news is that leaky toilets are repairable, and DIY plumbing is only applicable if you have the required skills or experience. Gambling without the right qualification can trigger regrettable damages, which may cost more to repair. Contacting your plumber will save you unnecessary headaches. 

Waste Disposal System Installation

Installing a waste disposal unit is an excellent way of modernizing your kitchen. The electrically-powered system has several components that work together to collect solid waste. When the waste settles, a disc rotates rapidly, pushing the particles into a plate that pounds them into smaller particles. Improper system installations are risky because faults may expose you to electric shocks. The system may also leak from all sides, allowing garbage into the drain pipe. Whether it's a simple nut fastening or replacements, leave this job to your licensed plumber. 

Doing repairs, yourself can sound like a good way of saving a few bucks and also allows you to feel empowered about doing something yourself. But it is best to leave repairs to a professional local plumbing company—such as Resolution Plumbing—to avoid minor issues from developing into major repairs.