If the faucets in your house drip all day long, you may think you need to replace them soon. Before you replace every faucet in your home, call a plumber first. The water pressure inside your plumbing pipes may be significantly higher than normal. Learn how high water pressure can make your faucets leak and how a plumber can solve the issue for you below.

Why Is the Pressure High in Your Plumbing Pipes?

In order to deliver water throughout your home, your plumbing pipes must contain a specific amount of pressure inside them. Pressure regulates how fast or slow water travels through your plumbing pipes whenever you turn on your faucets. If the pressure inside your pipes becomes too high, it will force the water inside the pipes to flow faster than normal. The excess water will eventually weaken your faucets and cause them to drip. 

The pressure inside your pipes can increase for a variety of reasons, including air bubbles. Air bubbles describe small pockets of air that become trapped inside plumbing pipes or water lines. The pockets of air can prevent water from slowing down after you turn off your faucets. 

Pipe corrosion is another possible cause of your dripping faucets. When pipes become repeatedly exposed to iron and other substances, they rust. Rust can slowly consume, or corrode, the metal housing of your pipes. Air can enter the corroded pipes and damage them.

Your faucets may leak for many other reasons. You can repair your leaking faucets or find the source of the leaks by calling a plumber for assistance. 

How Can You Lower the Pressure Inside Your Pipes?

An effective way to check the water pressure inside your plumbing pipes is to test them. A water pressure test not only measures the pressure inside your home's pipes, but the test also diagnoses the cause of the increased pressure in your pipes. A contractor will use the results of the pressure test to repair your faucets.

If your pipes contain excessive pressure inside them, a plumber will manually adjust the pressure regulator on your main water line. The main water line outside your home contains a pressure regulator, or pressure-reducing valve. The regulator controls how fast water flows into your home after it leaves the city's water supply. If the regulator fails, it will force too much water into your home. A plumber can adjust the valve so that it works properly.

You can find the source of your leaking faucets by calling a plumbing service such as Sunwest All Service today.