Drain cleaning is something you have to do periodically to keep your plumbing system in great condition. The things you put down your drains can clog them, such as hair, body and hair cleansing items, and other debris. You can use a household drain cleaner or even a small plumbing snake to remove some of the gunk in your drains, but if you have seriously clogged drains, only professional drain cleaning will do.

Here are signs you need to get your drain cleaning done ASAP. The emergency plumber can come to your home to make these repairs as needed and can keep your plumbing from getting worse.

Your drains are backing up a lot

It's one thing for a single drain to back up just a little bit and get plunged so the water goes back down, but it's quite another for all the drains to be backed up a lot and have food and other debris coming up along with them. If your drains are doing this, this means there could be a clog way far down in your drains, so you have to do what you can to make the drains unclog again. Your drain cleaning specialist will send a snake down your drains with a camera to see what is going on with your drains and can clean them out effectively.

Your drains are smelling bad

Your drains may start to smell bad if they are backing up, if the septic system needs to be cleaned out, or if the drains are full of food or bacteria. If they are very smelly, then they may also have something stuck in them that is less than pleasant, such as a dead rodent or another animal. While this sounds gross, it can also be unsanitary and should be removed entirely. Your drain cleaning specialist will assist you in removing the debris that is making your drains stink and will also ensure they work properly.

Your drains are not draining at all

If your drains are not draining at all and water remains stagnant in the tubs and sinks, then there is an issue with your drains that can mean there is either a deep-rooted clog that won't come up or there is a toy, razor, or other item stuck in the drains making them not drain at all. Often, a stubborn drain will only affect one sink or tub and not others. Have your drain cleaning done by your emergency plumber if your drains are not draining and you have issues using a shower or tub or washing your dishes.