The sewer lines that are buried in your yard might not be something that you think about very often, but they do a very important job. Generally, they work behind the scenes without being visible, so it's normal not to think about them. However, there are times when sewer lines do need some attention. In fact, sewer line excavation is sometimes needed. If you're wondering about the scenarios in which sewer line excavation might be required, consider the following examples. 

Sewer Lines Are Damaged

One of the primary reasons why sewer line excavation is commonly needed is that sewer lines are damaged. This happens for many reasons. Someone could have hit one of your sewer lines when digging on your property, or tree roots could have caused damage. If this happens, then your sewer lines might need to be repaired or replaced. In order for this to be done, sewer line excavation is often needed. A professional can often determine if sewer line exacation is needed by using a special camera that allows them to look at your sewer lines. If they determine repairs are needed, excavation and repair will typically be scheduled. In many cases, you can have both excavation and repairs done by the same company.

There's a Serious Clog

Generally, when there is a sewer line clog, the clog can be dealt with without having to dig up your sewer lines. However, this is not always the case, such as if there is a very serious clog. If your plumber has told you that there is a clog deep in your sewer lines, then you might have to contact a sewer line excavation service to get their assistance.

The Sewer Lines Need to Be Moved or Re-Routed

Sewer lines have to be moved or re-routed for many different reasons. If you are thinking about having a swimming pool installed on your property, for example, you might have had someone come out to determine if there are sewer lines under the ground in the area where you would like to install your swimming pool. If they are, then you should hire a sewer line excavation service to come out and move them so that your swimming pool can be installed.

Sometimes, sewer lines are damaged because of tree roots. Even if this has not happened yet, you could be concerned that it will happen if you have a large tree that has roots that are growing near your sewer lines. In this case, you can either remove the tree or have your sewer lines moved. A sewer line excavation service can help you with the latter.

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