Sewer lines are the channels that lead dirty waste water away from the house and into the general waste management system. In most cases, the waste could end up in the municipal waste channels or your septic tank. Note that no matter where your waste goes, once you have a line clog, water won't move as it should along the drainage lines. Even worse, it could back up into the house or form pools in the yard, which are health hazards. However, you can prevent this from happening by watching out for the early signs of problematic waste pipes. Here are some signs to observe.

Never-Ending Backups

The water that goes down the drainage system should only move in one direction, away from your sinks, toilets, and tabs. In such cases, it joins the pipes that drain into the municipal water management system or your septic tank and drainfield. So, if anything connected to your wastewater pipes starts to flood, you are dealing with clogged lines. If this is the case, you will need a plumber to remedy the issue and restore the water flow.

The House Doesn't Smell Great

Odd smells are another telltale sign you have issues with the wastewater system. Note that the liquids and gases from your drainage system should travel away from your fixtures. However, if the gases keep traveling back up, your home will have nasty odors indicating an issue with the sewer lines. Hence, you need an expert to check and pinpoint the trouble. This way, they can rectify blockages or poor flow to eliminate the unpleasant odor.

Puddles in the Yard

If the water flowing from the house to the septic tank gets interrupted by a blockage, it will find another outlet. Typically, a weakness in the pipe is the perfect outlet for the water. As a result, it will appear as puddles of smelly water in your yard. Note that in addition to the foul smell, the pools are also a safety hazard. Hence, you need an expert to solve the issue and eliminate stagnated water.

The Drains are Slow

Slow drains are another indicator that something is clogging your pipes. Note that if there is a blockage somewhere along the system, it will slow down the water and force it to trickle out in small volumes. That said, a plumber can locate the clog remove it, and restore the smooth movement of water outside the home.

These are some telltale signs that you might have a problem with your wastewater system. Note that a plumber can assess your clogged sewer line and offer the best solution to the problem. The expert will also advise you on ways to prevent the problem from recurring.

Reach out to a plumbing contractor in your area to learn more.