Slow drains are an annoying problem. It's even worse when they completely stop draining altogether. You have all this water filling everything up. You need to figure out the problem and how to fix it. The best way to handle the problem is to have a plumber come to your house and figure out the problem. It could be one of many things. One thing it could be is that you have pipes blocked by roots growing into them.

Roots in Your Pipes

Tree roots will naturally look for water so the trees can get the nutrients they need. Your pipes, both incoming and outgoing, have water and nutrients flowing through them, especially the outgoing ones. That means tree roots will do everything they can to get into your pipes and get all the good stuff that they can sense. It doesn't take a big break for the roots to get into your pipe, and once they do get in, the roots will make any break they find bigger and fill the pipe as much as possible. A plumber can diagnose that problem and can fix that problem for you.

Pipe Inspection

A plumber will diagnose the problem of roots in your pipe by sending a camera up through your pipes. They may be able to do this from the house, but they also may need to access your pipes from outside. It depends on where the clog or blockage happens to be. The camera will be on a fiber optic cable to transmit the image back to a monitor. That will let them pinpoint the area where the blockage is so they can fix it.

Root Removal 

The easiest way for the plumber to remove the roots and get your drains clean and running again is to cut them out. One way the plumber can cut the roots out is to send a water jet nozzle into your pipes. The nozzle will spray a high-powered water spray that can cut the roots. When the roots are cut apart, the plumber can pull them out of your pipes, letting everything move normally again. Using a water jet nozzle is going to be quicker and much easier than trying to dig out the pipe and manually cut the roots. Your drains can slow down for a lot of reasons. One reason is that roots are blocking your pipe. If you are concerned about your drain slowing down, call a plumber and have them check your pipes over for you. 

For more info about drain cleaning, contact a local professional.