One of the valuable developments in plumbing technology is sewer camera inspection. This procedure utilizes high-tech cameras that are directed into the drain lines using a cable to check the condition of the sewer system in real time. 

If there are cracks, disconnections, or clogs, the camera will show it. Through the sewer line inspection, you'll identify all the sewer line faults and work on fixing the situation before the problems worsen.

Whether you want to perform the inspection to deal with drain problems or preventative care, there are unique benefits you'll get when you prioritize sewer camera inspection. Read on to learn more.

Can Help Locate Lost Valuables

When you drop a valuable item like an earring or wedding ring into the drain, you can rely on a sewer inspection to find it. To increase your chances of finding it, you should avoid producing more wastewater, which will send the item further. Then, call the plumbing experts for an inspection. They will use their cameras to locate the lost item and retrieve it. As long as the item is still in the drain lines, they will get it.

Identify Line Breaks

Sometimes, your piping system may get detached, and you might not know it. Once this happens, the wastewater will start leaking into the property's foundation or yard. Other than causing health hazards, this leads to foundation issues that interfere with the structural integrity of the house. 

In other cases, the leaks can cause the soil to shift and lift the pipes. When such issues occur, you'll have to replace the piping system and stabilize the soil surrounding them, which can be costly. A sewer line inspection will help you to identify such issues in advance to prevent extensive damages that might require pipe replacement and foundation repairs.

Safeguards the Lawn

Before sewer line cameras existed, property owners struggled to find cracks and clogs in the pipeline. The only solution was to start digging a trench through the lawn. This process was more of a trial and error and destroyed plants that grew next to the drain lines. Imagine paying a landscaping pro to design and maintain the plants only to ruin them whenever you have a sewer line issue. 

The recovery process would be slow, so the home's aesthetic appeal would be affected for months. Now, things have changed thanks to technological advancements in the plumbing industry. The sewer cameras allow drain line pros to check the condition of the lines without interfering with the plant life in the yard.

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