For plumbers, hydro-jetting equipment revolutionizes how clogged drains can be tackled. For property owners dealing with a stubborn drain, hydro-jetting performed by a plumber makes it possible for clogs to be mitigated quickly. Once upon a time, drains with severe clogs would have to be either snaked with a mechanical device in hopes of pushing the clog out of the way or dismantled and taken apart. Hydro-jetting uses high-pressure water to flush the line. How do you know your drain clog will be a good project for a hydro-jetting plumber? Check out a few signs below.

Your Drain Has Standing Water That Won't Go Down 

If the water in your drain seeps out slowly, it is a good sign that the clog is loose enough that it may not need extensive effort to flush out of the way. However, if your drain is clogged and it seems the clog is rock solid, your situation may be a good circumstance for hydro-jetting. The hydro-jetting process can push through the clog and ensure it gets broken down and pushed to the end of the drainage line. 

Liquid Drain Cleaner Products Aren't Effective 

Liquid drain cleaner products—both store-bought and home remedies—can work out well in some situations. The abrasive fluid can get down to the clog, break it down into smaller particles, and hopefully make way for water to drain. However, if you have tried these remedies on your own to no avail, it may be worth contacting a plumber for hydro-jetting services. If the drain cleaner is ineffective, it may be a sign that the material is taking up a substantial amount of space in the line. This often means the drain cleaner may break down the surface particles but is not strong enough to penetrate the entire clump of material. 

You've Had Repeat Issues with the Same Clogged Drain 

Ongoing issues with one particular drain are a good sign that you have residual grime and gunk in the drain that is not getting completely cleaned out when you tackle a clog. For example, you may have buildup around the pipe's walls but a small opening in the center. To deter issues with ongoing clogs, hydro-jetting may be recommended. The hydro-jetting process is powerful enough to clean the fill pipe, even the residual gunk that often gets stuck to the pipe's walls. Therefore, you shouldn't continue to have drainage issues.

Reach out to a local plumber to learn more.