If your furnace is giving you problems, don't wait to call a repair service. Waiting too long could put your furnace out of commission for quite a while. It could also put your health and safety at risk. Read the list below. If you're dealing with any of the issues described here, call for furnace repairs right away. 

Your Furnace Suddenly Stopped Working

If your furnace stopped working without any warning, you need to call for repairs right away. There are several reasons why a furnace can break down without warning. They can overheat and trip a circuit breaker. They can break down due to old age. They can even break down because rodents have chewed through the wiring. You won't know what the problem is until you have a technician inspect the furnace. Once the technician identifies the problem, they can take care of the repairs for you.  

You're Tired of Adjusting the Thermostat

If you're tired of adjusting the thermostat all day, it's time to call a furnace repair service. There are a couple of reasons why you need to adjust the thermostat. One reason is that the thermostat has malfunctioned. Another reason is that your furnace can't keep up with demand. If you need to constantly turn the thermostat down, your furnace could be overheating. Call a service provider right away. 

Your Burner Flame Changed Colors

If you're having problems with your furnace, take a look at the burner flame. You can tell a lot about your furnace by the color of the burner flame. If the burner flame is blue, your furnace is getting plenty of oxygen. If the flame is yellow or orange, you need to call for repairs immediately. Yellow or orange flames mean your furnace isn't getting enough oxygen. If the problem lingers for too long, your furnace could start emitting carbon monoxide into your home. Stop using your furnace until you can call for repairs. 

You Have Puddles Under the Furnace 

If you have water puddles under your air conditioner, it's probably from a leaky condensate tube. If you've got water puddles under your furnace, you need to call a service technician. Puddles are a sure sign that your furnace needs repairs. Don't wait for repairs. Call a furnace repair service immediately. 

Don't ignore your furnace problems. If your furnace has been acting up, contact a heating contractor near you as soon as possible.