If your kitchen sink backs up with filthy dishwater, and you can't remove the water from your sink no matter what you do, troubleshoot and clean the drain trap beneath your sink soon. If the drain trap experiences an issue, water can back up into your kitchen sink. Follow the tips below to remove the dirty dishwater from your kitchen sink today. 

Gather the Supplies You Need 

Several things can clog up kitchen sinks and their drains, including clogged drain traps. The drain trap not only allows water to empty from your kitchen sink, but it also collects pieces of food and other debris over time. If the trap collects or builds up with too much debris, it can cause dirty dishwater to back up into your sink. 

If you clean out the trap, you may be able to remove the dirty dishwater from your sink. You'll need to gather a few items before you begin, including a:

  • a couple of thick towels or rags
  • large basin or container
  • pair of adjustable pliers
  • thick, flexible cleaning brush

You're ready to work on the trap beneath your kitchen sink.

Clean and Reposition the Trap

First, remove everything from the cabinet beneath your kitchen sink. Cover the floor around your sink with large towels or rags. Now, locate the large plumbing pipe beneath your sink. The U-shaped trap sits near the center of the pipe. 

After you locate the trap, place the large pan or basin beneath it. The basin will collect any water that drains from the sink after you remove the trap from it. Use your adjustable pliers to gently unscrew the couplings or fittings from the top of the trap. The trap should loosen up after you remove its fittings. The water in your sink will drain into the basin as well.   

After the water drains out of your sink, remove the trap and examine it. If you see food and other debris inside the trap, use the flexible scrubbing brush to clean it out. You can use the water from your bathtub or bathroom sink to flush out the trap. If the trap doesn't look clean after the steps above, wash it out with dish detergent or another cleaning solution. Be sure to rinse the trap thoroughly before you place it back on the plumbing pipe.

Run water into the sink and wait. If the water empties out of the sink right away, you successfully cleaned out the drain trap. If the sink continues to fill up with water, contact a plumber for help. Your sink may need additional cleaning to unclog.

Find the services you need for your clogged kitchen sink by contacting a residential drain cleaning company.