A kitchen renovation project takes weeks to complete and requires hiring multiple contractors. The primary contractor needed is a remodeling contractor. This contractor plans, prepares, and completes most steps in the project. However, you might also need to hire other contractors, including a plumber. But what role does a plumber play in a kitchen remodeling project? Keep reading to learn the tasks your plumber will handle when remodeling your kitchen.

Designing layout

You should consult with your plumber before approving your kitchen layout plans. However, first, you must decide whether to keep or change the layout. Keeping the same layout reduces the amount of plumbing work you'll need. But if you're remodeling your entire kitchen, now is the time to change the layout. Changing the layout might require talking to a plumber to create the right design layout. The plumber can review your plans to ensure the plumbing system will work properly. If the plumber sees issues with the layout, they'll suggest changes.

Detaching the system

Demolition is the first step in a kitchen remodeling process. This step involves removing the old kitchen materials that you won't keep in your new kitchen, including the cabinets. For this to happen, you'll need a plumber to detach the plumbing system. A kitchen generally has several plumbing parts you must remove. For example, you must remove the kitchen sink and the pipes attached to it. You might also need to remove the garbage disposal and dishwasher. A plumber can do these steps for you.

Installing the new system and fixtures

The plumber will also install new pipes for the new kitchen. Of course, this will require more work if you change the layout. If you keep the layout, it requires less work. A plumber can do this during the demolition stage. But the plumber must also return after the contractor installs the new materials, including the cabinets. The plumber must connect the plumbing system and install the new fixtures.

Connecting the appliances

A plumber might also connect your appliances. For example, a plumber connects a water line to a refrigerator to supply the device with water for ice. They'll also connect the garbage disposal and dishwasher.

Hire a plumber

Remodeling your kitchen requires hiring a plumber for some steps. Are you ready to remodel, and do you need a plumber's help? Search for local plumbers to find your options. Then, choose the right plumber for your project. For more information, contact a plumber near you.