If you've done everything in your power to clear out the slow-draining sinks in your home and nothing works, call a residential plumbing contractor today. There could be a large clog or something else hidden deep within your plumbing pipes. A plumber can fix your slow-draining sinks for you. Learn more about slow-draining sinks and how a residential plumbing contractor can help you below.

Why Do Your Sinks Take Forever to Drain?

Clogs, or blockages, occur when hair, grease, and other items build up and become lodged or stuck inside a plumbing pipe. If a clog occurs inside a sink drain or its plumbing pipe, homeowners can generally remove the blockage with a plunger, a homemade drain cleaner, or another handy tool. However, clogs that develop deep within a home's plumbing system can be almost impossible to remove without a plumbing contractor's help, especially when the clog affects multiple sink drains.

One of the potential reasons for your slow-draining sinks is a sewer line clog. The pressurized line siphons waste out of your plumbing system throughout the day. The line transports the waste to the public sewer pipe located in the street. Several things can prevent the line from collecting or emptying waste properly, including tree roots and waste buildup. The line can also stop working if it breaks in half or collapses beneath the ground.

The problems above can cause numerous backups inside your plumbing system, including slow-draining sinks. If you allow a residential plumber to check your sink drains and sewer line, they may be able to solve the problem for you. 

How Can a Contractor Fix Slow-Draining Sinks?

It's important for a contractor to check every area of your plumbing system during the visit. A contractor needs to rule out issues that may potentially cause your sinks to drain slowly, including a clogged or closed roof vent. The vent prevents clogs by allowing air to flow through your home's pipes. If a clogged or closed roof vent is behind your slow-draining sinks, a contractor can fix the issue right away.

If a plumbing contractor discovers something else wrong with your plumbing system, such as a broken or collapsed sewer line, they'll need to move quickly. The line can release fumes and waste to the surface of your yard if it isn't repaired or replaced right away. A plumber will go over the details of the repairs with you during the visit.

Learn more about your slow-draining sinks by calling a residential plumbing contractor today.